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There are two major differences between qubits.

There is an ensemble qubit which contain a large number of particles that together act as a single qubit and there is what one typically thinks of as a qubit, which is a single particle or material.

Possible qubits include single photons, trapped atomic ions, neutral atoms, nuclear spins, quantum dots, impurities in silicon and diamond, etc...



Other universities and colleges are starting to offer courses in quantum computers, but as of 2017, the Institute for Quantum Computing is really your only choice if you want advanced certification in actual quantum computers.


So, you want to study Quantum Computing in university and actually build quantum computers?

Great! But, now what? Not every college or university offers Quantum Computing 101!

In fact, almost none of them do.

If you want a degree in quantum computing, there’s really only one choice out there for you. Sure, you could go to MIT or any other school with a great Computer Science program, but if you want to study actual quantum computers, your only choice is the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada!

They are the only major university program out there that offers a graduate degree is Quantum Computers. So, if you want a quantum computing phd or any other advanced degree, they are pretty much your only choice.

If you want to get an idea of what the course-load is like at the IQC (Institute for Quantum Computing), below you’ll find a couple of lecture videos from the school’s YouTube account: